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Jenny McConnell first encountered and experienced Holy Spirit powerfully in January 1988. At the time she wasn't even contemplating Jesus. She was not interested in religion, but believed in the possibility of a higher being. That same year, she entered grade 12. She struggled through school with an undiagnosed learning disability and a moderate - severe hearing impairment. She failed academically all her life (except for art) and with divorced parents, she carried an orphan spirit (feelings of: shame, abandonment, and rejection).


Despite her obstacles, she fought to prove herself and now has a: 

Masters in Education & an Associate Diploma in Creative Arts & Theology. 


In 2014 she began painting seriously for the first time. One day, she stood in front of a blank canvas and said: 'What should I paint next?'  She distinctly heard God say: 'Paint for Me.' Her first painting for Him is called: 'The Cross'  - and her work is now inspired by His life giving word!


In 2016, a friend encouraged her to enter the Edmonton Art Walk. In that month she sold two paintings, 'The Temptation' & 'Tree of Life.'

Since then, she has: sold many paintings, done commission pieces, run workshops, facilitated prophetic parties, birthday parties, paint nights, spoken at women's retreats and published her first book.


It is her desire to see women set free; physically, emotionally and spiritually in ways only: Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit know how.

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