Art of Truth


'Painting with Purpose'

Jenny McConnell

 edmonton, canada

Identity - Defined by Love

Book - $25 ($30 incl. shipping)

$5 will go to CEASE

(Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation)

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I give a lot of my books and art away as God leads me. All donations are appreciated.



Jenny McConnell is Holy Spirit led: artist, author, speaker, instructor, and mentor.


She offers:


  • Artwork

  • Her Book 

'IDENTITY - defined by love' - $25


  • Painting Parties/Speaker 

Prophetic Parties, Paint Nights, Birthday Parties,Women Retreats

$30 p/p for 2 hours


  • Spiritual Life Coaching 

$50 p/hour face to face

$40 p/hour tele-conferencing


  • Group Workshops 

Group facilitation based on book

$30 p/p for 2 hours